Faith Matters: Good people help us get through times of discouragement

During these trying times it is easy to become discouraged. A recent break-in at the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria has contributed to this attitude. A group of individuals stole the tabernacle which is the place where the Blessed Sacrament (Body of Christ)...


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About your trauma recovery dear Father Byers… ;-)

A couple of articles have been published in recent years about terrorist suicide bomber Saeed Hotari. “I’m Christian, so I don’t carry a gun,” he said, thus claiming I’m not Christian [September 12, 2020] Update: My terrorist friend and the terrorist … Continue...

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 A visit to the Royal Air Force Memorial overlooking the Thames at Runnymede Read the Whole Article at its Original Source

The Joy of Being an Old Shoe

Today I taught writing. One of my students objected to my suggestion he send his best story to a contest, saying slyly that I had said romance was out of fashion. He had inadvertently written a rather brilliant scene in which a wife locks herself in the bedroom to...