This is a serious post. I know a number of my readers say they enjoy my humourous posts and have a good chuckle or a smile at what I write here. Well, this is not such an occasion. What I am going to tell you here is very serious. In fact, if it had been told to me I would not have believed it. But this actually happened to me a few years back. What is more, I had a witness with me to confirm that what I am saying is true.

It happened an evening about three or four years ago. It was either a Friday or a Saturday evening. Not sure which. I’m certain it was one of these two days because that’s when we usually go to the pub; my friends and I.

It was about a quarter to midnight. Ken, my friend, and I were on our way home from the pub. The King’s Arms it was. That’s the name of the pub. I remember it well.

We took the short cut through the woods as we always did. It was a moonless night. Rather darker than usual and cloudy.

As we were in the woods by some trees, Ken remarked that we had not heard the usual sound of owls as we normally hear as we cross the wood at night. This was near a nature reserve, so nocturnal sounds like owls, or even foxes, were usual at this time of night.

As Ken was talking I noticed a light in the sky. Not a very bright light or anything like that. It was a slow moving dim sort of light. It was like there was someone cycling in the sky. The light looked like the front light of a bicycle. I know it sounds absurd. It does seem incredible to me as I say it now. But that’s what happened.

I pointed the light to Ken. He nodded and said nothing. I thought it was either someone cycling in the sky, which is improbable, or an owl had stolen the front light of a bicycle and was flying with it in its talons; just as improbable. 

The light moved ever so slowly from left to right in an arc shape, like a rainbow trajectory, and as it got lower to the ground it went out.

Ken and I kept our sights focussed on the area where it landed, or where it went out, and walked slowly towards it. When we got there, there was nothing at all. We looked round, and searched, but there was nothing. Thinking back, it was a stupid thing to do. We should have just run home. But we didn’t.

We continued walking down the path in the woods towards the edge of the woods and the road to home.

Ten minutes further on we met a man standing by a bus stop on the road. I said, “Good evening”, but he didn’t answer. Ken stopped to tie his shoe laces which had come undone.

I had a bag of licorice sweets in my pocket. I took it out, put a sweet in my mouth, and offered one to the man at the bus stop. He was short. Tall he certainly wasn’t. He was bout five feet tall, no more. Not that his size mattered to the story.

Ken got up suddenly from his crouching position tying his shoe laces and tugged at my shirt moving me away a little. 

He whispered, “Do not give licorice to extra terrestrial aliens. It gives them diarrhoea!”

I had not heard of that. Have you? Apparently, licorice affects their digestive system and can give them the runs. Ken said he had read it in a book somewhere. He said he could not remember the details. It was either not giving licorice to aliens from outer space, or not giving chocolates to dogs. He was not sure which it was. As we did not have a dog or chocolates with us at the time, we decided it must be the licorice thing that is a possibility of being true. 

So very quickly Ken and I ate all the licorice sweets and threw the bag away in a nearby trash bin just in case the short man asked us for a sweet.

I then casually commented, swallowing the remnants of the last sweet, “a bit cold tonight, don’t you think?”

The short man looked at us both and said nothing.

I said, “good night,” and we hurriedly made our way home down the road leading to town.

When I got home, I could not find my cell phone. I looked everywhere for it. I was convinced that the short man from outer space had stolen it. I told Ken about it, and he believed the same. He said they might be interested in our technology.

Three days later, I found my cell phone in my car under the driver’s seat. The alien must have found out where I live and returned it, having got all technical information that they need.

I’ll never forget that experience. I reminded Ken the other day when I phoned him. He’s now moved to Wales. He is convinced we had met an extra terrestrial that night. Because of his short height and the fact that he did not talk. Also, how he stole my phone and knew where to return it. 

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