I recently listened to this video from Fr. David Nix who interviewed a former high wizard, Zachary King, of the World Satanic Church. King explained how satanism is tied to abortion.


I only started listening to Fr. Nix in the last little while. His videos are excellent. They cover a range of topics, mostly bible teachings, but also interviews with others.

This talk was incredible. It was fantastic. But was it true? From the description of this interview with Zachary King:

“A former satanic high-wizard of the World Satanic Church converted and became a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic who now works for the end of abortion. Zachary King speaks about his conversion via the Miraculous Medal and we then walk back through Zachary’s life including his youth, entrance into Satan’s World Church, induction as High Wizard, B*hemian Grove, abortions and curses for the Bild*rb*rg Group and the involvement with Gates. We end with what Zachary is doing for the end of abortion (after committing so many himself.) This is an exceptional account of the love of Divine Mercy and an unlikely recruitment into “Mary’s Army” as he describes his new vocation.”

I was mesmerized for almost two hours. But my doubts as to the authenticity of King’s story caused me to ask myself this question: what is the greatest intrinsic evil in the world today? Clearly it is abortion. 

Then I thought about our prime minister Justin Trudeau, who is very pro-abortion but who calls himself a Catholic; who won’t allow pro-life Canadian citizens to be a member of the Liberal party; who refuses government grants to pro-life groups; who took up the slack in the US when Trump stopped funding abortions in third world countries and gave more funding to these countries for abortion. 100,000 Canadian citizens killed in the womb each year, paid for by you and me. All evil actions coming from the reality of abortion in Canada.

And what other intrinsic evils emanate from abortion? Here are just a few from the US.

Fetal Trafficking Under Oath (from The Center for Medical Progress)

“For nearly five years, Planned Parenthood and their allies have breathlessly claimed to the public that Planned Parenthood and their business partners never sold fetal body parts from abortions, and that their fetal tissue research programs and late-term abortion practices are in total compliance with the law. When forced to testify under oath about these practices, Planned Parenthood and abortion industry witnesses tell a very different story from their public talking points about their fetal trafficking activities.”

CHILD PREDATOR SCANDAL (from Jonathon Van Maren’s podcast talking to Mark Crutcher who exposed body part selling, rapes, and trafficking in the abortion industry). From Crutcher’s website:

“Our two- part investigation proves that the abortion industry, including the industry giants Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation, actively conceal statutory rape from parents and authorities.”


“As this report will prove, it’s unlikely that there’s any other business in the country where a woman is as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than in an abortion clinic. Together, the abortion lobby, politicians, and the media are trying to silence their screams and cover-up this epidemic – writing these women off as nothing more than collateral damage in their political war to keep abortion legal.”

Abortion. Lies. Child predators. Rape. Can it get any more evil than all this? And who is the father of all lies and this kind of evil? Satan.

So…if we think this story of a grand wizard being heavily involved in abortions–and Satan, spells, big money, big names, big power, big egos–is too fantastic to be true, then all we need to do is ask ourselves is this final question. 

If those who publicly support, promote, and make profit from abortion; who sell baby parts for profit tand lie about it; who rape women and engage in child trafficking–if they can do all that–then Jeffrey King’s story is totally 100% believable. Watch it. And make up your own mind.

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