Summer is behind us and what a unique summer it was here in New Brunswick for my family and I. My third child, her husband and three children arrived at the cottage on June 27th, so they could continue to work from home while my husband, John, and I helped with the family. My oldest daughter and her three arrived July 2nd, masked and also ready to quarantine for two weeks. A long two weeks and more it was, but God is good and the children (ranging in age from 15 to six year old twins) kept each other company using the time to reacquaint. Erin took over most of the meal prep, and as John declared, we had a “banquet” every night. I think Erin found it therapeutic to be in the kitchen. It took her mind off the unusual summer before all of us, as we waited hopefully for the border to be open so her husband could join us later in July. Of course, this did not happen, so they returned to London after the long weekend in August. My second born, his wife and family in Kelowna, could not come this summer and my youngest son and his wife had to refrain from visiting while the others were isolating. While we were saddened not to have our family together, it reminded me this was happening to families all across Canada. Imagine this: children waking at six with all the energy of their youth, mama and papa going to work at different corners of the house for long hours beginning around 8:00 a.m. and not having dinner till around 7:00 p.m. so they could enjoy some family time together. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be when there is no immediate assistance for young families. Too much is expected of them from their work environments, especially at this stressful time, I say respectfully.

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