Look folks! This may be an advert, or it may not. Forgive me if you feel it is a re-cycled advert in this Christmas Season.

What I am angry about is the level of ignorance about Christianity. A person I know well, an adult with children, whom I thought knew better, suggested that Jesus was a Disciple. A disciple of whom, I wonder?

On TV the other day, someone did not know any basic facts about Moses and the Ten Commandments.

Often, on TV or radio, people do not know, or understand, the meaning of Christmas or Easter.

It seems to me that not only is there a great deal of ignorance about Christianity; but also an increasing resistance to even learn about it. It’s as if people are saying in their head, “No … leave me alone … I don’t want to know!”

It took me sometime to write the book, Man And God.

I did not know whether to bother. Whether there is a need for it. Or anyone cared. But the feeling kept coming back that I should write something simple about the basics of what we believe. Nothing with complicated theories and dogmas. Just simply explaining why some people believe in God.

Who is He anyway? And who is Jesus?

I chose some basic questions that anyone new to the subject might ask about. A starter pack to get people to search and investigate more.

I wish I had the courage to give this book to that person without them being insulted or offended.

ISBN-13 : 979-8566100388

An easy to read no-nonsense book exploring the many questions we may have asked about God and our role as His creations. Questions like: Who is God? Jesus? The Holy Spirit? Does He really care for us and love us? If so, why do we suffer? Why are so many bad things happening in the world? Is God really in control? Does He answer prayers and perform miracles? Who are Angels and devils? What is sin? These and other topics are discussed in a relaxed simple style.

“Man And God” will make you think about life, about yourself, why God has created you, and your role in this life … and the next.

Suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about Christianity, or for those who may have perhaps wandered from the faith and wish to discover more about themselves in relation to God.




Same price as a cup of coffee – this book could change your life. 


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