Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Here in Canada, we’re all in the need of a little refreshment from the summer heat! This week, we’re sharing the top 5 refreshing photos from our sites. Kids, parents, and staff all over the world deserve to to take a minute to relax, cool off, and treat themselves after a hard, hot, or long day. Refresh yourself by taking a look at these refreshing shots!

#5: Watermelon bites

Children who attend daycare at our Fatima site in Bolivia receive a healthy mid-morning snack every day. Watermelon is so cool and refreshing after a hard morning of learning and playing! Donations to our nutrition program make it possible for these children to receive such fresh and tasty treats.

#4: Fresh and cool 

This teen from our Haiti North site enjoyed a splash of fresh water from her school’s hand washing station! Hand washing helps prevent the spread of illnesses, and is especially important for school hygiene. The school is incredibly thankful to all of the donors to this water project!

#3:  Mango mama 

During a family circle group meeting at our Baraka site in Kenya, this mom enjoyed a break under an umbrella with her precious baby. They also enjoyed a fresh mango snack together! Family circle meetings are integral to the child sponsorship process- they help families stay on track with their budgets, and bring families and communities together!

#2: Steady stream 

This school at our Kawambwa site in Tanzania has a pipe providing fresh, clean water for all of the staff and students to enjoy. Without a constant water supply, unclean water would have to be carried in from far distances, causing students and teachers to miss out on valuable class time. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient to have water on hand for a drink!

#1: Ice pop kid! 

At our Mbinga site in Tanzania, the weather gets hot! Ice pops are a popular treat. This little boy is enjoying a refreshing fruit ice pop on his school break before he gets back to his lessons!

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