St Luke tells us that an angel was sent by the Eternal Father to strengthen and comfort our Saviour in the Garden of Olives, in his Agony. The Servant of God, Bernardino of Portogruaro, composed a prayer, which was endorsed by the Holy See, by the granting of an indulgence.
« The one who had the task of consoling the Head in his Agony, received also the power and the mission of consoling the members [of Christ, ourselves] when they are in pain, and above all in agony. Test this out and you will see that devotion to the Consoling Angel of Jesus, will be immensely precious to you during your life and at the hour of your death.»

Hail, holy Angel, Consoler of my Agonizing Jesus, and I praise with you the Most Holy Trinity, for having chosen you among all the angels, to comfort and strengthen Him, who is the consolation and strength of all the afflicted. I beg you, for the sake of the honour you received, and the humility, obedience and affection with which you helped the Holy humanity of my Saviour Jesus, who fell under the weight of the view of the sins of the world, and especially mine, to obtain for me perfect contrition for all my faults, deign to console me in my distress which weighs on me today, and during all others which will come to me in the future, and especially in my last agony. Amen.

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