Joyce Arthur’s latest attacks towards pro-life people. And Christians. This time she attacks Sam Oosterhoff.

JA: Sam Oosterhoff should be expelled from Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s caucus because he opposes key human rights.

Joyce Arthur opposes key human rights for pre-porn children.

JA: You may have heard about his most recent media scandal — speaking at an anti-choice event even though one of the organizing groups had compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Canada has 100,000 abortions a year. Some believe this to be a holocaust. Joyce Arthur may want to dictate the beliefs of Canadians. But she can’t. No matter how much she wants to.

JA: This is not an isolated occurrence. Oosterhoff has a long record as a far-right fundamentalist Christian who opposes Charter rights for women and gender minorities.

Joyce Arthur engages in hate speech against Christians and in personal attacks against Sam Oosterhoff.

JA: How did he get elected in the first place, and why is he still there? 

His constituents voted him in. It’s called democracy.

JA: In December, he shared a Toronto stage with Premier Doug Ford and religious extremist Charles McVety, who is virulently anti-gay and has attacked same-sex marriage as part of the “militant homosexual agenda.”

More hate speech from Joyce Arthur against Christians.

JA: He was in an October photo-op with all-male members of Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB), which caused public controversy because it raised the question: why was the OCB consorting with an extremist anti-choice homophobe? 

More hate speech and more personal attacks from Joyce Arthur.

JA: So there’s been no apology, and no dismissal of Oosterhoff from his privileged parliamentary position or from caucus. This confirms that Ford and his Progressive Conservative party are happy to coddle MPPs who oppose the human rights of women and gender minorities. 

One does not apologize for their stand against abortion. Abortion is evil.

JA: open misogyny is perfectly acceptable. Oosterhoff can be out, loud, and proud when it comes to declaring that women must be subservient to fetuses.

Personal attacks and hate speech. And other nonsense. Courtesy Joyce Arthur.

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