Canada gives a lot of our money to the LGBTQ / pride parade lobby. In Sept 2019 I wrote that we gave a total of $32,339,221 to this lobby.

Now I find out that new grants are actually still being given to Pride parades. During a word wide pandemic.

Since we are all in lockdown with the CCPvirus, wouldn’t it make sense to close down the Pride parades as well? Will the federal government stop the flow of money to them? Apparently not. Since April 2020, while the world has been in lockdown; while all of our churches are shuttered, Canadian tax dollars continue to flow to Pride parades. Pride parades that cannot and will not happen. To the tune of $385,800.

I have a suggestion for Justin Trudeau. Revoke these grants. Instead send the money to our long term care facilities where most of these deaths are occurring. They could really use it.

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