I’ve been thinking. I do that quite a lot recently, I noticed. Thinking whilst standing up, or even sitting down, or lying in bed or on the couch in front of the TV. Thinking has become a habit as of late. I wonder why we think? Why do I think more than usual these days.

I was lying on the couch; nothing on TV except dust. I chose not to comment about it in case I got the silent treatment … again! Not sure what is worse; the silent treatment or being told things I don’t want to hear.

Anyway, I was thinking. Our ears are where they are for a purpose. On each side of our head. If our ears were at the back of our head we would go deaf every time we lay on our back in bed.

Imagine if you had an extra mouth on top of your head. You could put a sandwich under your hat and eat it without anyone noticing you.

Or if you had an extra eye at the end of your finger. You could see round corners then. You’d bend your index finger round the wall and see what’s round the corner. Or you could put your finger in your ear and see what’s there. The possibilities are endless as to where you could put your finger.

What if you could move all your bits on your body to places that are more convenient? Men especially would find this useful. Imagine having your belly button on your forehead, men! Or wearing an unusual tie!

Another thing I was thinking about. Did the inventor of the screw have his hair parted in the middle of his head?

Did the inventor of the Phillips screw have his hair parted as a cross?

Years ago, before they invented the clock with a big and small hands; how did they know how to turn something clockwise or anti-clockwise? It must have sent them cuckoo when someone said down the phone, “turn it clockwise!”

How about the man who invented the wheel. What did he do with it when he invented it? Hardly worth anything is it? It would never catch on. Not unless he invents a second wheel then he would have a bicycle. It’s the man who invented the second wheel who’s the clever one.

And here’s another thought. Do fish ever drown if they can’t swim? Who teaches them to swim anyway; when they are babies? Do they ever get water in their eyes like we do?

Why is coffee not everyone’s cup of tea?

Why is abbreviation such a long word? Why not abbreviate it?

Why all the fuss as to whether the toilet seat is up or down? Cut it in half and put your half any way you want.

I can’t help thinking that all this thinking is doing my head in.

Do you ever think? What do you think about? Share your thoughts here. No matter how strange. We promise not to laugh …

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