Injustice that is invisible inevitably becomes tolerable but Injustice that is visible inevitably becomes intolerable” Gregg Cunningham

Dear Justin Trudeau,

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. What I mean is, it’s been a long time since I talked and you ignored me, but you know what I mean.

So today I thought I should talk to you again. And you can just ignore me again.

Anyway, recently I listened to the first podcast from the Pro-life Guys who work with CCBR. You remember CCBR? You once said that CCBR shouldn’t receive government funds because they “oppose a woman’s right” to kill her pre-born child.

(Each episode includes this quote from you. How exciting is that?)
It’s a really great podcast. I think you should listen to it. Though I know you won’t.

What’s really great about this podcast, is that it explores and discusses pro-life apologetics. Why being pro-life is good and right. How abortion is illogical if you are a defender of human rights for all people, etc.

“We’re two guys who are passionate about ending the killing of pre-born children in Canada, and this is a podcast dedicated to giving you the tools you need to change minds and save lives from abortion. Join us as we discuss all the pro-choice justifications for abortion and share how we counteract them on the streets and talk to some of the leaders in the movement to hear their stories and learn from them!

I find it really heartening that there is a whole new generation of young people ready willing and able, to do this work. And they’re really young. And they’re really smart.

“We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible so we will do them anyway” William Wilberforce

Even though you’ve decided that CCBR can’t receive tax dollars for the work they do, (unlike the millions and millions you give to those who kill pre-born children and to their supporters), these young people still do the work they do. That’s called determination.
I wonder why Joyce Arthur and Fern Hill don’t have a pro-choice apologetics podcast. They could call it the Pro-choice Girls. And they could defend their position on how a woman’s (non-existent) right to kill a child she doesn’t want, is a legitimate point of view. I bet you’d listen to that podcast eh Mr. Trudeau?

Patricia Maloney

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