Things are in free-fall in the Canadian church. Ontario will soon be like Quebec with 3% attendance etc.. (see `related` links). The OECTA run schools are a disaster with 95% of kids rejecting the Faith before they even graduate (a few are recovered by CCO in Uni)
But who do the Bishops invite to a conference on Evangelization?? A Richard Rohr buddy who will talk about meditation for kids!

Read this about Tratynuk and Rohr:

Keep your kids away from New Age Rohr Meditation! #ocsb #tcdsb #ycdsb


Paul Tratnyek

A past talk by Miriam Martin:
Sister Miriam Martin, PBVM
Associate Professor, Saint Paul University, Ottawa
A New Dreaming, the Ancient Seeking: LivingReligious Life since Vatican II
Vatican II’s

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