Some Notes on Today’s Gospel ‎ 1. ‎Since it is absolutely certain that “God wills all human beings to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth” the reference to seeing but not understanding and not being forgiven refers to the bad dispositions of some moral men who do not want to understand because they do not want to repent. ‎2. The Gospel of Mark is Mark’s transmission of the Gospel as preached by the Apostle Peter. Or, more likely, it is the translation into Greek of a Hebrew original written by Peter. A sign of Peter’s humility: the boat belonged to him, but he doesn’t mention it. 3. No one is by nature, or through mere human virtue, “good soil”. Only divine grace can make us ready to receive the seed of the word of God and then bear supernatural good fruit.  4. In the parable, the evil spirits are compared to birds eating seed. Perhaps to fix this image in our hearts, we could watch Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”, or think of birds that we regard as somewhat of a nuisance like… Canada Geese. 5.. Excessive desires, which may even be legitimate, within due limits, can choke the effect of the word of God and of grace. 6. For the word to bear fruit, as the nature of the “message of truth” demand,s requires that the word be understood.‎

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